Client Comments and Testimonials

“It’s great to talk, and I have made some special friends”

“My favourite after-lunch seat has a great view over Grange Park. The open green space is peaceful, and it is wonderful to watch children playing freely”

“After a sad recent bereavement, coming here has given me a proper framework to my life – which is so important as you get older”

“We are so lucky to have transport to and from the Centre. It is a real treat to come here”

“I particularly enjoy the crafts at the Centre”

“I find the people so interesting. We’ve all got tales to tell”

“The children in the park put a smile on your face..magic”

“The tranquil park on one side, and the buzz of Tudor Parade’s shops on the other mean we are never bored. Where else would you find fun, companionship, great food, and even a fishmonger who arrives on Wednesdays?”